An electronic workbook to support well-being at work for researchers with scholarships

The workbook on well-being at work for researchers with scholarship is now available in English.

The publication provides support and hands-on exercises to strengthen and maintain the meaningfulness of work, manage everyday life and to utilize peer support.

The e-book provides examples, guiding questions, work-based exercises, reflective assignments to enhance professional identity, and advice on starting and guiding peer group activities. The workbook serves both as a self-study material for the individual researcher and as a guide for systematic work of peer groups.

The workbook is aimed at scholarship researchers, but it also helps universities and research institutes to identify the needs of scholarship holders in their work communities and to promote their well-being at work. Grant giving foundations can also use the workbook to promote the well-being of researchers, thereby contributing to the effectiveness and impact of their work.

The guide has been written by PhD holders Sikke Leinikki, Elina Henttonen and Kirsi LaPointe, who are all experts in the field of well-being at work. The Finnish-language guide was published in May 2019.

The workbook was funded by Mela, and the English version was funded by the Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers and Social Science Professionals and The Union of Professionals in Natural, Environmental and Forestry Sciences Loimu.

More information

Sikke Leinikki, sikke.leinikki(at), tel. 045 635 0673 
Elina Henttonen, elina(at), tel. 050 546 9251

Download the workbook.

Front cover of the publication

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